Communication 3 June

Phased return and printed material distribution

Dear School of IT students,

The university is embarking on a phased return to campus in line with government regulations. We are also going to be distributing learning material to those who are not yet returning. Below are some important points to note.

Phased return to campus

The phased return to campus will consider students at various intervals.

The first phase may not exceed 33% of the student population.

It includes final year and postgraduate students who cannot work from home.

Lecturers are compiling these lists in order to ensure that the students who cannot complete their first semester work are identified.

Students will be contacted by the university to inform them on which day they may return to campus. Do not leave your home to return to campus without this notification as you will be denied access to campus as well as res.

Once a student has the notification they may return to campus and/or res as required. Proof of the approval of your return must be provided to security at the boom where after you will proceed to the screening process.

Upon returning to campus strict screening, hygiene, social distancing and tracking measures will be in place.

In order to adhere to these covid-19 regulations students will be required to BOOK their on-campus session and must work strictly in the lab/venue booked. When the session ends all students must leave the lab with all their belongings so that the sanitization process can take place before the next session (with a new cohort of students) may start.

It is important to note that the students returning to campus will follow the same online learning method as those who started pathway 1. There will be no face to face sessions and no lecturers on campus. Students will simply have the university’s facilities available to them to continue their 2020 academic year. Lecturers will communicate to this group of students via various platforms used for PW1 students such as Moodle chat/forum, email, or WhatsApp etc.

Distribution of printed material

In order for the pathway 2 students who are continuing their studies at home, printed material will be distributed to them.

Printed material will be distributed as 1st and 2nd year packs and will include communication from your lecturers regarding how to engage with the material, how to complete your assignments and assessments etc.

Lecturers have identified the pathway 2 students and each student will be contacted in order to confirm their postal address. Please ensure that you provide the current address that you have access to and NOT your study address.

Once this is in place all our students will be back on track to complete their 2020 academic year.

Wishing all the best for this journey.

Take Care and stay healthy


Dr Sue Petratos