The School of Information Technology (IT) consists of four Departments, namely Information Technology and Applied Informatics, Network Engineering, IT Management & Governance.

These Departments collectively offer an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the computing discipline of Information Technology, which is endorsed by the Higher Education Information and Communication Technology Association (HEICTA).

The vision of the School is to be the leading provider of state of the art Information and Communication Technology expertise in South Africa. The undergraduate programmes are designed to give students an adequate grounding in the fundamental principles underlying their chosen field of study, while at the same time emphasizing the practical and applied nature of the subject matter.

A significant portion of the tuition time is spent in our modern, well-equipped computer laboratories. Students are prepared for an interesting and rewarding career.

At postgraduate level, students can specialise in various research focus areas including Information Security Management and Governance, Health Informatics, Usability and User Experience and Mobile and Workflow. The Institute of ICT Advancement (IICTA), which forms part of the School, leads the School’s postgraduate research programmes in these areas. Many students have acquired postgraduate degrees under the auspices of the School of ICT and IICTA and have acquired sought-after positions in industry.

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