Event location: Missionvale and George Campuses

Event date and time: 04/05/2018 09:00:00

Nelson Mandela University offers prospective students an opportunity to obtain information about various qualification(s), admissions processes, financial aid, and support services, as well as what they can expect when they study at Nelson Mandela University through staging Open Day exhibitions for prospective students, parents and stakeholders

Over the past few years, the number of courses offered at the institution has increased, which has led to a decision being taken to exclude external companies from the exhibition, which served as a means of generating third stream income.

The event is supported by learners located in the greater Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, also including the surrounding township & Northern areas of Port Elizabeth. The latter two group(s) of learners would usually attend in large organized groups, and are bussed from their school(s) to the event on South Campus, at the expense of the school.

Taking into consideration the vision of the institution and its ensuing mandates, linked to engagement, it has become increasingly clear, that moving the event to the Missionvale Campus which houses the largest indoor sport center in the Metropole may not only be viable, but a mutually beneficial exercise for both learners and the university.

Benefits to moving event to the Missionvale Campus include:

  • Increased floor space to allow greater creativity and increased participation of Faculties and Departments;
  • Alleviating the high costs of transportation for schools and learners who loyally support the initiative, as the event would be more centrally  located;
  • It is in line with the institutions proposition to position the Missionvale Campus as a hub of activity, as well as servicing the immediate communities by making events such as Open Day more accessible to a wider audience. 

The Missionvale Campus is located within reach of Zwide and the New Brighton communities, which houses a large number of schools, as well as Technical and Vocational Education and Training colleges, situated in surrounding areas. The accessibility of the campus to  both Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage communities is also a benefit.

One of the major selling points of utilizing the Missionvale Campus, would be its commitment to uplifting the surrounding community, which is also home to numerous centres such as the Centre for Integrated Post-School Education (CIPSET), Centre for Community Schools and the Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics Laboratory (STEM Lab). The University’s Faculty of Education Foundation Phase course is also offered on the campus.

The  dates for the Port Elizabeth and George have also been swapped as the Port Elizabeth event logistics is severely impacted on by the public holidays preceding it.

George event:

Dates: 4 and 5 May 20187

Venue: Furntech Building

           Nelson Mandela University, George Campus

Port Elizabeth event:

Dates: 11 and 12 May 2018

Venue: Missionvale Indoor Sport Centre

           Nelson Mandela University, Missionvale Campus

Contact information
Ms Ashleigh Brown
Public Relations Intern
Tel: +27 41 504 3668