Benefits of the TETRA Academy

Effective public safety requires effective communication and response. In order to achieve this, specialist technology systems are required together with a skilled workforce to operate such systems effectively.
The TETRA Academy, being based at a University, is in a position to respond to short-term industry training needs. At the same time it can effect skills transfer in radio communication systems, both in TETRA-based and other such systems, to students completing qualifications in particular areas of specialization, such as Electrical Engineering and Information and Communication Technologies.
These students will be exposed to operations and/or maintenance training in the state-of-the-art TETRA Academy. They will exit the University with the required knowledge and skills to implement and maintain radio communication systems. This increases their marketability and employability in critical scarce skills areas. A skilled workforce is a crucial success factor in enabling effective communication and response systems used in various areas of application such as public safety, transportation, utilities, etc.
The TETRA Academy further provides rich opportunities and a practical environment for research and development projects for students from 3rd year up to doctoral level.
South Africa is experiencing a shortage of skills in the critical scarce skill areas. In order for this country to meet our national needs and to be globally competitive, we need highly skilled manpower and state-of-the-art technology. The TETRA Academy will contribute to this challenge by producing well-qualified IT Professionals, Engineers and Technologists with high tech knowledge in radio communication and related fields. South Africa will be regarded internationally as one of the leaders in this field.