The IITPSA EC Chapter and the Nelson Mandela University School of ICT hosted the 2nd Annual Women in IT Networking Breakfast on 14 August 2019, at Savages Fine Dining, with Professor Margaret Cullen as a guest speaker. 

The attendees included women in the IT industry, from in and around Port Elizabeth. Prof Cullen, a full professor at the Nelson Mandela University Business School, delighted the ladies with an interactive talk about Happiness, both in the workplace and as individuals. She made mention that happiness should be viewed as something over which you have control and something that can be pursued.

It has been said that businesses are making happiness their new business model, which refers to how satisfied people are with their work and personal lives. A few “take homes” from Prof Cullen’s talk:

  • Establish your values – Are they values that bring you happiness?
  • Find balance – Re-evaluate your priorities.
  • Disrupt yourself – Always be willing to learn.

“Happiness is not something readymade – it comes from your own actions” – Dalai Lama