Health Care Brought to People via NMU App

By ViVIAN OKUEFUNA - 20 February 2020


Nelson Mandela University’s Centre for Community Technologies is helping with a modernized app (Ncediso™) that spreads knowledge and wisdom to people around the globe.

The Centre is now set to present its innovative health-care application at the 2020 African Regional Science, Technology and Innovation Forum next week, with the hope of securing funding to introduce new features. Ncediso™ is a mobile app designed to make health care and medical information more accessible to those with little or no medical training. Clinics lack community health care workers, nurses and clinic practitioner and first aid skills.  . Centre for Community Technologies head, Professor Darelle van Greunen, acknowledged that the app, with more than 4,000 downloads since its launch in late 2018, was not meant to replace physical consultations with medical practitioners but aimed at providing assistance in dealing with emergencies and identifying illnesses.

The app Ncediso™ has being used by community health-care workers in remote areas the general public because it offers a lot of first-aid tips and hints that enlighten people on what to do if they are, for instance, in a remote area and bitten by a snake, it does not have anti cure but it recommends that you have to seek medical attention as soon a u get bitten.

The app detects various disabilities and diseases among children and helps with child nutrition, chronic disease management, information on infectious and non-infectious diseases, first aid and other conditions, the app was tailored for use on the African continent, with information on diseases and medication that can be found in Africa.

 “An app also helps the unskillful ones and serves as a guide to give them access to the latest information. The Information contained in the app was from publishers of medical textbooks & medical doctors

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