Congratulations to the Bottle Cap competition winner, Jacques Hancox, who collected 4.09 kg bottle caps.
We asked Jacques a few questions and this was his response:
Why did you enter the competition?
For me it wasn't about entering for the price it was mainly to see how many bottle caps us as a North campus family could collect to make a difference in someone's life by getting them a wheelchair. From what I heard and saw we are making progress, slowly but we are.
Do you have a message to our students?
Mr Rudi Harmse sent us an email asking about having the IT society revived. I urge all students to support this "revival" because not only will it help us as a North campus to help each other like he stated in his email explaining what the society will consist of. For me I want to start and help lead a section in the society that will do project such as this bottle caps competition. Making the campus greener by implementing recycling and not just stopping at our campus but also at other campuses. We as IT students (engineering also) should help change, not just ours but also everyone else's Ecological Footprint. Our motto is "Change the world" and in my opinion it's not only to improve the world by making it better for everyone, for me it is making it livable not just for now but for the future. We need to think more about the future because you're leaving this planet for generations to come and that says a lot.
You will definitely hear more about and from me when the IT society is up and running. I can't wait to make a difference together with you all to mother nature and this beautiful plant (and country).
(PS: also help other people as well and not only just the environment)
What's your environmental goal?
My entire goal is to help the environment by making it cleaner, plant more trees and so on. I think of the future not just the present because we're leaving generations behind to still live on this planet and by making a positive impact on the environment is a huge must (if I can state it like that). The reason why is if we "mess up" mother nature / the planet it will be uninhabitable for mankind and we surely don't want that to happen.